Three easiest techniques to practice yoga


Yoga meditation:

Following things should be kept in mind while yoga meditation

The most important thing in yoga is to focus. If your thoughts drift you back to the past .Focus would be first thing to do .live in present. The first thing to do is to select perfect time for meditation when you have nothing to do to but just yoga without interruption. Second thing in it is to set a good body shape or posture. It’s up to you if you want to sit in the chair or on floor, both ways are perfect but with cross legged. Focus on an object like a candle flame, a dot or glass anything. Later increase your yoga time when you get used to of it. you can find more types of yoga here.

Yoga at home:

Easy way to do yoga at home

First thing to do is to select suitable timing where there is no one to interrupt your thoughts and most importantly you. Timings could be late morning or late evening. These are the perfect timings to release your stress . The more you exercise in calm ambiance the more good for you which would automatically be providing strength of mind, healing and comfort to you and others at home. Do not eat anything while practicing yoga, it is best practice to do yoga with empty stomach or with lighter meal so choose your meal timings accordingly. It is better to wear shapeless clothes in yoga to be comfortable, keep it simple and lighter.

Chair yoga

Best way to practice chair yoga

Chair pose is another beneficial pose in yoga, it will help you to strengthen your muscles, thighs and shape your buttocks. Stand straight, stretch one arm and bend at the knee, staying in that particular position for a long time and then stretch your tummy inn. It’s a good way to lose weight.



Hepatitis a form of contagious disease


Symptoms of hepatitis:

It is a possibility that you may be experiencing hepatitis but you are not realizing it as the symptoms sometimes do not appear. It is also possible that the diseases have not been cured properly because you are getting the treatment of flu as the symptoms may appear much like flu. Some of the common symptoms of hepatitis are as follows:

  • Experience less appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Aches in muscle and joint
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea feeling or vomit
  • Pain in belly

Hepatitis C transmission:

 Hepatitis C is transmitted mainly through blood. Many blood transmitted viruses usually are capable of carrying with them viruses even if the source from which that virus is coming is indirect for example razors used by other as well. This is the reason that Hepatitis C transmission is far more dangerous as compared with the other blood borne diseases. There are many practices going on which increases the chances of Hepatitis C among humans like tattooing, body piercing, acupuncture, ear piercing. These all have greatly increased the chances of hepatitis C to spread easily. Needle stick injuries, medical equipment which is contaminated, blood spills in health care.

Hepatitis B cure:

People who are going through acute hepatitis B do not require any treatment. The only thing that they need to do is to take a lot of bed rest , drink a lot of water and to take over the pain relievers with the passage of time. Those pain relievers that contain ibuprofen like Motrin and Advil. These are considered as the safest products that can be used for cure of Hepatitis B.

Is it contagious:

All the forms of hepatitis are contagious that is hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The hepatitis A usually spreads when they spread through contaminated food or contaminated water, and it can also spread through unsanitary conditions of childcare institutes. The Hepatitis B can spread through sexual contact, transfusion of contaminated blood, needles that have been shared like injections. The hepatitis C also spread through the same source as that of hepatitis B. So all these are contagious if these are not treated on time.

Faster way to beat the body fats


Weight loss is a major problem faced by many people. People try their best to lose weight in every possible manner. It is not common in women only but men also face weight issues. People starve Thiers elves, girls run after size zero and for that they starve which result into death. Here is major problem that people need to understand, by starving for days won’t make them smarter or slim. It would eventually cause internal weakness followed by many other diseases. Here are some easy weight lose tricks that won’t force you to go short of food and easy to accomplish.

Yoga for Weight loss

Following are some Yoga weights loss tricks:

  • Half-moon pose is a great yoga pose to lose weight. Stretching will burn your tummy fats, upper and inner thighs. Stretching on side of your tummy will force your fats to remove. It works!
  • Chair pose is another beneficial pose in yoga, it will help you to strengthen your muscles, thighs and shape your buttocks. Stand straight, stretch one arm and bend at the knee, staying in that particular position for a long time and then stretch your tummy inn. It’s a good way to lose weight.

Food that burns fat

Following are the food that burns fat:

  • One cheese burger won’t destroy your digestive system but once in a month, if the usage increases to 2 percent it will definitely destroy your body shape.
  • GRAPEFRUIE is great for healthy diet, reason being is due to low insulin level it does not digest the sugar as is high in fiber and contains low amount of calories.

Weight loss supplements:

The supplements for weight loss are as follows:

  • Hydroxycut contains some plant extracts as well as caffeine which is a good solution for weight loss.
  • Caffeine is a weight loss booster which helps metabolism to work properly and often considered as weight lose supplement.

diabetes causes symptoms and prevention

Multi-Ethnic Group Of Diverse People Holding Letters That Form Diabetes

It is one of the chronic disease, one of the condition in which the body is affected badly and disables your body to properly enjoy the energy that a body gains when they eat food. All type of diabetes mellitus that exist has some common reasons as well as some different causes. The normal procedure includes the breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates in to glucose. This glucose provides energy to the cells of the body. Cells need insulin which is a hormone and it runs in your blood stream that carries the glucose and then it is used by the cells. But having Diabetes mellitus, the body deprives the production of insulin either or in case if it is producing in the body, the insulin is not being used by the body to carry out the activities.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes:

Following are some of the symptoms of type2 diabetes:

  • Severe health issues especially in the small blood vessels of the body that are usually used for the nourishment if the kidney, nerve and eyes.
  • It also increases your risk for other diseases like heart problems or stroke.
  • It should be clear that the person who suffers from type 2 diabetes usually does not have any apparent or noticeable symptoms of the disease.

 Symptoms of diabetes in women:

Even if you are women you will experience the symptoms that are much similar to the symptoms that occur in man. But still there are certain symptoms in women regarding diabetes that are different from man. These are discussed as follows:

Vaginal thrush, vaginal yeast infection, infection in the urinary, sexual dysfunction in female, syndrome if polycystic ovary.

Pre-diabetic symptoms:

It has been observed that usually the pre-diabetic symptoms are not visible or may not occur. But one of the possible sign that may or may not occur among human is that if any dark patch occurs on the skin on different parts of the body, you should immediately contact with the doctor as this may be the earliest possible sign of type 2 diabetes Some of the common infected areas from this disease may include neck, armpit, knuckles and knees. read more about diabetes here.


Are you worried about hair loss?



The hair loss among women is really common and female pattern baldness is among them. There are different causes of female pattern baldness and it occurs when hair follicles starts shrinking as the time passes. Follicle is basically the tiny hole in in the skin in which each strand of hair fit in and this is known as follicle. Although the main reasons among women are not clear but the some of the related reasons may include aging, changes in hormone level among female like menopause, family pattern also matters.

Biotin Hair growth:

Biotin is a basically a B complex vitamin that is also known as Vitamins H that is helpful in boosting up the body metabolism and energy as well and it is also helpful in transporting carbon dioxide from the cells. According to some dermatologists’ is not clear that what actually biotin do in hair growth but it is true that it somehow improves the growth of hairs and nails. Intake of Keratin which is present in Biotin supplement really supports the growth of hairs, nails and skin as well. So, to decrease baldness try Biotin Hair growth supplements for this purpose.

Hair growth tips:

Hair growth among ladies is a serious problem and it is also a fact that women look attractive due to hairs, so to increase the growth of hair every lady should be clear and know this very well that how to maintain the hairs. There are certain hair growth tips for ladies:

  • It is a fact that hair do not grow overnight. There are certain things that need to be done.
  • Proper oiling of the hairs should be done.
  • Use the shampoo that is free from chemicals.
  • If you are using any shampoo then it is equally important to use its conditioner as well.
  • Do not apply shampoo every time, when you take shower.
  • Try hair boosting supplement and different hair gels that are made up of natural herbs.
  • Never wrap your hairs in thick towel for a long time, this result in damaged hairs.


Want to know about brain tumor?


Brain tumor:

A primary brain tumor is a type of tumor which affects the brain. If the cancerous tumor which starts in other parts of the body but they end up growing in the brain than this type of brain tumor is known as secondary tumor which is also known as metastic brain tumor.

Types of brain tumor:

There are two types of brain tumor that are commonly classified in the field of science. These are malignant and benign. Malignant tumor is the tumor that contains cancer cell. These tumors can be threat to life. These cells grow rapidly and usually invade around the tissues. These cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body as well.

Whereas the benign tumor do not contain cancer cells. These tumors can be removed usually and there is also a possibility that these can grow back. These types of tumors usually contain a clear edge or border. Cells of benign tumor usually do not or rarely invade tissues around them. These do not spread to other parts of the body but the bad thing about this is that they can press on the sensitive areas of the brain which in result can cause serious health issues. Benign if converted in to malignant can be dangerous for life. It is a possibility that benign can be converted in to malignant tumor.

According to physicians; brain tumors may be graded according to its looks differently. The higher the number of grade increases, the more abnormally the cells may appear in the microscope and they will act differently. These are graded as grade i, grade ii, grade iii and grade IV. Primary brain tumor among adults can be classified as astrocytoma, meningioma and oligodendroglioma. Whereas in children these can be classified as medulloblastoma, brain stems glioma.

Causes of brain tumor:

It has been observed that the causes of brain tumor are not clear. These may occur at any age in a human being. Studies have found that there are risks for brain tumors that include ionizing radiation that is caused from high dose X-ray and also diagnosed by family history as well. Brain tumors are usually diagnosed by the doctors by taking medical history of the family and through physical examination and after that these are all gone through different test of the brain as well as nervous system.

Symptoms of brain tumor:

The signs and symptoms of brain tumor mostly vary depending upon the size, type or location. Some of the common signs that may appear during brain tumor may include headache, numbness in legs or arms or tingling in it, seizures, problem related to memory, various change in mood or personality, unable to maintain the balance or maintenance of balance during walk, nausea feeling or vomit, changes in speech or hearing or sight..

Diagnosis and treatment:

Treatment of the brain tumor all varies from person to person as well as it is mostly dependent on the size, type and location of the tumor. Age and health of the patient also plays and important role in it. Treatment usually includes surgery, radiation therapy and the most heard chemotherapy.

Why stroke happen and what is its types?


Stroke occurs when there comes an interruption in brain and supply of blood somehow does not reach or the supply is low. When this situation occurs, the supply of adequate oxygen that a brain needs reduces and thus it causes brain cells to die. Stroke is considered as the fourth leading disease that is causing death in USA. It is researched that it is so dangerous one person dies daily after every four minutes through stroke.

It has been calculated that nearly about 800,000 gets affected by stroke and after every 4 seconds some where someone is suffering through the condition of stroke.

Types of stroke:

There are three types of strokes; ischemic, Hemorrhagic and Transient Ischemic attack (TIA).

Ischemic Stroke:

Ischemic strokes are the common strokes and around 85% of strokes are of this type. These are caused when the arteries that are connected to the brain somehow gets blocked or narrowed. These blockages are often caused when the blood clots occur in the brain. Clots can be caused due to fatty arteries that deposit in the arteries. Cerebellar stroke is one of them in which blood clot occurs in brain.

Hemorrhagic stroke:

This type of attack is caused by the arteries in the brain because of the leakage of the blood or results in burning. The hemorrhaged blood puts pressure on the brain cells thus resulting in damage. Blood vessels can spill the blood to the middle of the brain or near the surface of the brain, this results in sending blood into the space that is between brain and skull. Brain stem stroke is one of the kind in which bleeding occurs in the brain.

Transient ischemic attack:

TIAs are different from the two strokes mentioned earlier because the flow of blood to the brain is disrupted for a short period. These are somehow common to the ischemic stroke in one manner as it is also caused by blood clot or other debris.

TIAs should be treated immediately even if the blockage in the artery occurs temporarily. These serve as warning signs from the future strokes and it is also an indicator that there is partial blockage that needs to be checked.

What causes Stroke?

There are different causes of stroke. Stroke affect those people who are either overweight and age varies in different region but the approximate age is 55 or older, if that family is having a personal or family history regarding stroke, those who do not exercise that much or are not that much concerned about their health, if they drink heavily or use dangerous and heavy drugs. A stroke is a typical medical emergency and it needs to be treated as soon as possible as it may result in serious side effects.

Signs of stroke and symptoms of stroke:

There are different signs of stroke that may appear suddenly without any warning.

Confusion state; trouble while speaking and understanding something. Headache; feeling of vomit; numbness may appear on the face, arm or leg particularly on one side of the body; trouble in vision; trouble while walking including dizziness and lack of coordination. These are some of the symptoms of stroke.

Treatments of stroke:

As all three types of stroke are different therefore the treatment of strokes are also different. Ischemic strokes are caused when a narrowing or blocking of arteries occur. These can be treated if clot busting drugs are used. Hemorrhagic strokes are caused when the blood flows in and around the brain or either due to leakage of arteries. This can be treated by surgery, when the ruptured vessel or the artery gets repaired.

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How to prevent the spread of HIV

Prevent Aids

The HIV (human immunodeficiency syndrome) is a type of lentivirus that causes HIV infection as well as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV is as dangerous as some times it is possible as well that it may leave no signs of HIV or there will be no early symptoms of HIV, so it is good to have a test for a good and healthy life every year.
Early symptoms of HIV:

There are different symptoms that refer from one person to another. However, some of the HIV symptoms in men include:

  • Flu like feeling within two weeks to three months as the men get infected.
  • Rashes may appear.
  • Sweating in night
  • Nausea or vomit
  • Severe headaches
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Ulcer of mouth or genital
  • Sore throat.

Causes of AIDS:

Either if you are facing no symptom of HIV or if you are suffering through flu like feeling, there are chances that the virus of HIV will further define its position and it may go into the Latency phase. This is the phase in which the patients usually do not feel any sign of HIV until or unless the body’s immune system gets weakened and the disease has been converted in to AIDS.
Difference between HIV and AIDS:

HIV is the type of virus that attacks on CD4 cells. CD4 is a type of white blood cell that is very important to make a strong defensive system and to fight back against different disease. If these CD4 cells start decreasing, your immune system gets weakened. A person may become the victim of HIV infection for years until or unless the count of CD4 falls to less than 200, after this the infection of HIV gets converted in to AIDS.

How it is transmitted?

As HIV is a viral disease so it can be transferred through:

  • Blood transfusion
  • Through sexual contact
  • From mother to child during pregnancy
  • Through syringes

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